Since Man came into existence we have been shackled. In myth, Prometheus gave fire to Man and was punished… but fire remained with Man. Yet it could not break that which holds us back and makes us less than we can be. Oh, there are a few that escaped bondage or managed to slip the chains, you know their names — famous intellectuals, geniuses, artists and creators — but most of all who have lived and died… did so without becoming who and what they were capable of being. Billions of people live today that will die the same way.

But perhaps you are one that feels different than the masses.

Perhaps you are someone who feels that there must be a better way. There must be a better life out there for you. But you can’t quite name what it is and certainly are at a loss on how to find it and make it yours.

What you seek can be found in the Universal Law of Efficiency (ULE).